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Finding skilled, dedicated labor is a constant challenge for employers filling Telecom, Call Center, and IT positions. TeleQuest has emerged as the staffing leader in those fields due to our unique ability to nationally fill positions quickly with professionals possessing the most current technology expertise.

Permanent Placements

TeleQuest saves employers the time and hassle of screening applicants with our full line of comprehensive staffing solutions. Even when you’re filling a new position that is not clearly defined, we can assess your needs and find the right candidate.

Contract and Temporary Placements

When you need a highly talented individual with a specific skill, but only temporarily, TeleQuest can help. We have the skill and flexibility to place specialty candidates for a specific time period on a contract basis.  We handle all the employment support issues for the candidate, such as payroll, benefit offerings, Worker's Compensation, and Unemployment Insurance.  This allows you access to the skill set you need without requiring the paperwork involved with a new company hire. In short, we provide the right candidate for the right duration at the right price with the least complexity.

Candidate Skills

TeleQuest can staff talent for:
•   Project Management
•   Consulting/Strategic Planning
•   Cost Control/Financial Analysis
•   Equipment Replacement/Upgrades (PBX, VOIP, Call Centers, Voice Mail, etc.)
•   Trading Floor Design and Operations
•   Server Network Design and Troubleshooting
•   Local/Long Distance Carrier Analysis
•   Operations (MAC’s)
•   Management/COO/CTO
•   Enterprise Network Engineering and Operations
•   Call Center Plan, Design, Operations, and Management
•   Sales/Sales Support
•   Engineering
•   User Help Desk
•   Software Engineer
•   Voice telecom analysis
•   Network evaluation
•   VOIP
•   Programming
•   Systems Analysis
•   Business Analysis
•   And much more

The TeleQuest Advantage

Our staff has been placing quality candidates in top technology jobs for over 20 years, and our firm has survived industry changes that put other recruiting agencies out of business. We have staffed countless positions in a wide range of industries and Fortune 500 companies, including banks, brokerage houses, law firms, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, major manufacturers, telecommunications vendors, and service providers. Even other major outsourcing companies seeking additional talent have relied on TeleQuest to satisfy their staffing needs. TeleQuest is a member of the Top Echelon Network, the world’s most successful placement network of recruiters.

If your company needs high quality talent on the cutting edge of the latest technology, you need TeleQuest.

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